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A Compendium of Bicycling and Cycle Related Web Sites 1/07/2010
Many of the groups listed here relate to several aspects of bicycling. HRTC for now lists each group into a very general  category.
Since HRTC believes that teaching safety about use of the trail is very important, we have sought to encourage safety education as a priority to other categories.
Generally using this list will answer many if not almost all questions about Bicycling, whether safety or policy or health or equipment and almost anything else with relationship to bikes. On some of the links you might have to type in “bike” or “bicycling” to get to the topic which is otherwise hidden.
Thorough, but by no means exhaustive, we have not listed groups which require many steps to access bicycling information, except for Mississippi State University Coordinated Access to the Research and Extention Service (,  which requires clicking on 4H Youth, clicking on Interactive Participation, to get to Bicycling and Highway signs information and tests. can be found under the Safety education category,
If you are aware of a bicycle group which is missing, please let us know. Thanks